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Special Events

"A Christmas Story" Interactive Show!


We double-dog-dare you not to miss this one-time showing of "A Christmas Story" where AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION is mandatory!

Nothing (and we mean nothing!) compares to seeing “A Christmas Story” on the big screen during the holidays with an audience of fellow fans and newbies, laughing, with props flying and hilarious quotes being yelled out.

When you arrive for this rootin’ tootin’ show, you'll get a fun packet of goodies along with an instruction sheet of how to play along.  Whether it's tossing interactive props into the crowd during various scenes, shouting out unforgettable quotes, or laughing along with dozens of other fans, this is NOT your typical quiet auditorium experience!

Round up the fam, throw on your bunny pj’s or craziest Christmas outfit and come on over. It will be so fudge-ing fun and you won’t even have to guzzle your Ovaltine to get in on the action!