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At the moviesGet your company's message on the big screen!

Over 300,000 people attend Leitersburg Cinemas in Hagerstown, Maryland in one year! On-screen advertising is shown before the movie trailers and featured presentation in ALL theaters, including the five VIP theaters, which all feature luxury leather reclining seats for the ultimate movie-going experience. The videos and static ads loop for approximately 15 minutes, while patrons take their seats. Advertiser videos are displayed full-screen with sound connected through the theater sound system, creating a theatrical presentation to a captive audience.

On-screen advertising is a unique and effective way to reach people with your advertising message!

Pre-Show Video Package

  • 30-second video commercial before ALL movies
  • 5 FREE movie tickets for staff and/or customers each month
  • Ad Specs: HD 1080p video in RGB color

Basic: $550/month*
Premium: $650/month* (placement after published showtime)

Pre-Show Static Ad Package

  • Great for promoting local events
  • 10-second static ad before ALL movies
  • 3X rotating in a 10-minute loop
  • Rotates between video commercials
  • 5 FREE movie tickets for staff and/or customers each month
  • Ad Specs: Hi-Res JPEG (1920 x 1080 pixels) image in RGB Color

Basic: $550/month*

Ticket Sponsorship

  • Coupon or advertisement on the front of movie tickets
  • 60,000 tickets (approx. 3 months)

Cost: $2,500

*On-Screen advertisements begin on the first Friday of each month and run until the first Friday of the following month.

For further details, pricing and availability, contact us at