Leitersburg Cinemas was originally opened in 1970 by the late J. Kenneth Ridenour as a drive-in and 2-screen movie theater. Four Ridenour siblings, under the name Ridenour 1994 Family LLP, have remained sole owners of the real estate. Over the years, the theater has seen many different faces of operation and management, most recently Diamond Cinemas who ceased operations at Leitersburg in October 2009. The property was then unsuccessfuly sold at auction. After the auction, the theater went dark for almost 9 months. 

In early 2010, the founders of High Rock in Hagerstown, Maryland, formed a new company, Leitersburg Cinemas LLC and began planning to bring back the movie theater. High Rock, a local marketing and design firm specializing in strategic marketing, graphic design, web development and video production, began branding the theater as "Long Live Leitersburg Cinemas". A YouTube video created by the firm, Hub City State of Mind, featuring local rapper/musician Spencer Jackson, went viral with over 100,000 views within weeks. Simultaneous to the marketing efforts, the new theater company also began extensive renovations to the interior of the facility, including the lobby, concession area, bathrooms, and theaters. The renovations included the removal of the old theater seats in four theaters, replacing them with large, leather recliners to offer a VIP experience. The other six theaters were also renovated with regular, but more modern seating, new carpeting, aisle lighting and wall furnishings. In June of 2010, the theater re-opened to the public to rave reviews. 

In December of 2012, Leitersburg Cinemas invested even more into the business, converting the 35MM projectors to digital projectors. The company took the opportunity to also upgrade sound in all ten theaters. The end result was a better picture and sound for moviegoers at affordable prices in Hagerstown, Maryland. 

In January of 2013, High Rock and Leitersburg Cinemas launched a new local business called What's NXT. What's NXT is a free, local news and event publication, specializing in entertainment. The weekly What's NXT in Movies section features events at Leitersburg Cinemas, upcoming movies and some commentary each week. High Rock and What's NXT continue to fuel the excitement of the new Leitersburg Cinemas through creative marketing and advertising. 

What's NXT managed an annual Outdoor Movie and Drive-In event at the site of the old drive-in area at Leitersburg Cinemas. The event spanned multiple days and featured a huge outdoor screen where locals could experience the original drive-in. Patrons watched the movie in their vehicles via an FM transmitter or brought chairs and watched the movie on a plush 2-acre grass area. 

With the support of the local community, Leitersburg Cinemas has experienced unprecedented attendance growth since it's re-birth in 2010. The theater currently sells more than 300,000 movie tickets each year.